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16 februari, 2011


Said about Earo

With the last of the two HighEnd shows packed up and back at the office we can note some truly wonderful and warming response from our visitors.

It is not just what was said, it was how it was said and the time we hade the fortune of having all those visitors in our rooms. You even came back for more!

In any case here is a sampler from both Las Vegas and Stockholm;

“ A sound that makes me smile”

“Cohesive, sweet, accurate”

“Never heard xylophone sound as real as from the EARO speakers”

“It’s like being transported into the concert hall”

“At that price it should sound this good”

“How can such ugly boxes play so well?”

“fabulous retro look”

“ the best speaker at the show, no contest”

“I heard instantly that its all there and in one place”

“ I got electrostats and they sound like those but with a bottom end”

“coming in here (our demo room) is like an acoustic oasis, place to rest my ears at”

“how come they are so cheap?”

“beats the c—p out of XXX (another high end product)”

“I´m back and I got my friend with me, he´s got to hear this”

“this years most interesting newcomer”

“this is the worst I heard at this show and how can you not play vinyl in your demos? ”

Mikael, one of those visitors that came and stayed for a while was also well red up on our whitepapers, he later wrote this on his blog;  (roll down a little)

Heartfelt and profound thanks to our visitors and supporters!

The Stockholm and Los Angeles Earotiscists

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